In the Press: 7 Ways To Reinvent Your City, Burning Man Style

Image by Peretz Partensky via

How can the participatory economy of Burning Man be applied beyond the trash fence? The fine folks at recently tackled this big question in 7 Ways to Reinvent Your City, Burning Man Style, suggesting tactics like plugging into the resource grid and crowdsourcing the budget as methods of engaging the Ten Principles. They also pinpointed how the participatory nature of the event shapes the event and its people:

Black Rock City is manifested by thousands of people in the spirit of celebration. The passion of participants is unmistakable. […] They experience — sometimes for the first time — what it’s like to be accepted completely in public, and so are willing to give their best to the city that invites the best in them. This is the way the city is made, and how it makes people.

We look forward to seeing how these people – our amazing community! – shape their world in the same way they shape the event.

Many thanks to Shareable for the post!