Burning Man Project at the European Lab

When Larry Harvey and Marian Goodell were asked to speak at the European Lab 2013 conference in Lyon, France, it was a perfect opportunity to continue efforts by the founders and staff with Black Rock City, LLC and Burning Man Project to encourage the worldwide spread of the culture through relationship building.

In this case, Larry and Marian were able to spend considerable time with the organizers of a newly formed non-profit French Burning Man regional group, as well as more than 60 of its members through a series of meet-ups and Q & A sessions.  The French group began as Burning Nights in 2006 with 40 people meeting in a small apartment, and evolved into the current organization, with Marc Zaganski and Phillippe Knafo serving as Regional Contact and nine additional people serving on the Board of Directors.  Among their current activities is a CORE Project for Burning Man entitled Stairway to Heaven.

“There’s a lot of interest in Europe in what Burning Man is planning and we want to cultivate that interest,” Marian said. “We’re making global outreach a priority. We had a group in London, had senior staff at KiwiBurn and four of us came to Paris. We’re building and strengthening our network of people as a delivery mechanism for the Burning Man culture and the conversation around the culture.”

“It’s really exciting to see what’s happening on a global scale, and our experience in France is a great example,” Larry said.