Earth Day SF

Burning Man Project volunteers teamed with the Black Rock City Earth Guardians to teach San Franciscans how to turn ordinary blue jeans into Matter-Out-Of-Place (MOOP) bags that Earth Day SF participants used to clean Civic Center Plaza.

“It’s fun to create something that’s also useful,” said Earth Day SF participant Yolanda Raes.  “It’s nice of them to do this.”

Burning Man Project co-hosted a MOOP bag workshop with Black Rock City Earth Guardians once before, but this was their first collaboration at Earth Day SF. Burning Man promotes a “Leave No Trace” policy to ensure anything brought to an event returns home with participants and Burning Man Project used Earth Day as an opportunity to convey the 10 Principles that reflect the community’s ethos and culture as it has organically developed since the event’s inception.

People stopping by the Project / Earth Guardians booth could pick from pre-made bags or make their own, using a pre-sewn bag which they’d attach to a donated dress tie and decorate with paints.

“It was awesome to see the art and spirit of protecting our Earth catch on,” said Karina O’Connor, volunteer Black Rock City Earth Guardian Manager at Burning Man.

Black Rock City Earth Guardians host regular workshops for participants to craft MOOP bags and learn more about Leave No Trace.  The full schedule is on their website at

“The term MOOP is a great example of the creative culture of Burning Man – taking something like picking up garbage and making it fun,” explained Heather White, Program Manager for Burning Man Project.  “With the help of the Black Rock City Earth Guardians, we had great conversations with people as they selected, or made, a MOOP bag of their own.”

The Black Rock City Earth Guardians are dedicated to educating and inspiring people to practice “Leave No Trace” and other green practices. They are a fixture in Black Rock City in the Nevada desert and have expanded their work to include families, schools, organizations and public officials, encouraging everyone to improve and protect the planet.