Project Fundraising Event Success

Burning Man co-founders Larry Harvey and Michael Mikel (aka Danger Ranger) joined “This is Burning Man” author Brian Doherty for an evening that explored the past, present and future of Burning Man July 24 at Z Space Theater in San Francisco.

A fundraising event for Burning Man Project, it marked the beginning of the Project’s Philosophical Center.  A reception and book signing followed the discussion.

“It was a wonderful evening of camaraderie.  Hearing about the origins from two of the people who were there at the beginning was a revelation,” said Jennifer Raiser, Treasurer of the Burning Man Project Board of Directors.  “We were thrilled with the turnout and the positive response from those who had been to Burning Man and those who had not.”

Burning Man started with a handful of people on Baker Beach, and over 27 years has grown to become a cultural phenomenon that attracts thousands of participants to the Nevada Desert each summer.

The Founders recalled that the move from San Francisco to the desert meant hardship and danger. It could no longer be just a casual outing. “Now it required a commitment,” Harvey said, which tended to “sort people out a bit.” And Michael Mikel added, “It separated people from a safe, easy escape. You had to want to be there.” Doherty said, “I was scared to death. I thought, ‘I’m going to die.’”

Burning Man is turning its attention to the world in ways that are meaningful and powerful.  The new non-profit Burning Man Project’s mission is to expand beyond the desert to ignite a cultural, technological and artistic evolution on a global scale.

If you would like to see a video of the event, click HERE.