Burners Without Borders Screen Printing on Playa and in Haiti

JEscreenprinting croppedBurning Man participants visiting Burners Without Borders on the playa this year had the opportunity to walk out with unique screen prints, an idea BWB is using in Haiti to help local artists recover following the devastating earthquake that hit the country in 2010.

“The screen printing techniques we used on the playa are the same ones being taught to Haitian artists as part of a program BWB initiated with¬†Jakmel Ekspresyon Community Arts Center – an organization providing marginalized artists with the space and facilities to express themselves through their art.” said Carmen Mauk, Executive Director of Burners Without Borders. “The goal of the program in Haiti is to fill gaps left in businesses after the earthquake and to provide the training for these artists to become successful¬†entrepreneurs.”

The 7.0 earthquake devastated the local economy and Mauk saw screen printing as a way to help local artists and residents generate money to support their families. BWB created a program that provides training in art and the fundamentals of running a successful business. The program included training on design, screen printing and professional development. This program is the first of its kind in Haiti. There are 17 artists involved with the program.

In Black Rock City, participants could choose from basic designs that included the Temple and many other art pieces from Burning Man past and present.

“The artists who run the screen printing also have a unique way of layering the prints so everyone walks away with a different art piece to call their own,” Mauk said.