Burning Man Network Hosting European Leadership Summit in Berlin

BMNetworklogoThe Burning Man Global Network will host its first overseas conference – The European Leadership Summit – in Berlin, February 7-9, 2014. Participants will address the global growth of our culture, the 10 Principles, interactive art and transformative experiences.

This gathering is an opportunity for our international leaders to share ideas, skills, and to work together towards a shared vision for the future.

Burning Man community organizers and thought leaders have registered from 16 countries and counting! Austria, Holland, Spain, Belgium, England, Czech, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, Poland, Sweden, and Latvia, and the USA will be represented. Burning Man staff and the local Burner community in Berlin will help to provide a platform for these leaders to convene and collaborate.

In April, we’ll host our 8th Annual Global Leadership Conference (GLC) in the Bay Area. An extension of our GLC and the next logical step in our network’s progression, the European Leadership Summit is undoubtedly the first of many satellite conferences we’ll host to bring together Burning Man community thought leaders from across the world.