Larry Harvey to speak in London at Southbank Centre in January

bing a manBurning Man Founder Larry Harvey will join Billy Bragg, Michael Kaufman of the White Ribbon Campaign, Tim Samuels of BBC Men’s Hour, and several others to discuss what it means to be a man today as part of the BAM Being a Man conference in London in January.

The seminar, sponsored by Southbank Center, will examine fatherhood, sex and sexuality, war, class, race, ageing, nature versus nurture, attitudes to women and feminism, and why men like gaming, sheds, drink, football and cars (or do they?).

Over three days, organizers will ask how you can celebrate all aspects of being a man without the hang-ups, and explore the best and worst things about masculinity – both the challenges and the opportunities.
For more information, visit the BAM website.