bmp scarf da smallerjpegThe mission of the nonprofit Burning Man Project is to bring the values and learning from Black Rock City to the place it is most needed: our everyday lives. We envision a world in which¬†self-expression is the norm, where gifting is a daily practice, and participation is enthusiastic and frequent. And that’s why we are asking for your contribution to help Burning Man’s expansion from the playa to the planet.

More and more academic institutions, nonprofits, businesses and municipalities are looking to learn from the Burning Man experience. They’re eager to discover how we build community and sustainability, and to learn why this powerful movement has such life-changing impact. And we are eager to share it with them. To that end, we are busy developing an online learning portal, lectures, philosophical discussions, and demonstration projects to give everybody access to Burning Man ideas, values, and resources — worldwide and year-round.

While a portion of Burning Man’s ticket sales help sustain Burning Man Project’s efforts, realizing its full potential will require resources well beyond that. So we are asking for a contribution of ANY SIZE to help us share the Burner ethos. If you’ve always thought the world should be more like Black Rock City, then this is your chance … if you can make a donation, we can make a difference.

All donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. If you are able to donate $150 or more, we are offering a choice of two Burnerific gifts: the beautiful 2014 Burning Man wall calendar, or a cozy charcoal grey jersey scarf hand-screened with the Burning Man Project logo. We can also accept recurring donations. To donate and choose your gift, please click HERE.