We’ve got a small (but mighty!) group of people working out of HQ, doing everything from development to programs to relationship building.

James Hanusa, New Initiatives

James oversees special projects, program development, and ecosystem engagement for the Project. His focus is increasingly global, exploring partnerships and opportunities for the culture to thrive in new geographies.

James’ background includes technology sales and alliances, social media strategy, urban economic development and an MBA in Global Management from Thunderbird.

Heather White, Managing Director

Heather oversees day to day operations for the Project and manages infrastructure, systems and partnerships that support the Project’s mission. She is also part of the Program Team collaborating on new projects and events.

Over the last 17 years, Heather has focused on strategy, operations and partnerships for media and creative service organizations.  Throughout her career, she has partnered with artists on media projects and opportunities for artists to create ancillary revenue streams.

Stuart Mangrum, Education Director

Stuart is responsible for teaching and learning initiatives throughout the Burning Man organization, leading the development of educational programs for participants, volunteers, staff, and management. He’s also active in regional and civic engagement efforts, and works with the Burning Man founders on defining and documenting organizational philosophy and best practices.

With a background in technical training and postsecondary education, Stuart has a history of successfully applying technology to the challenges of scaling up training operations for growing organizations. A member of the Burning Man community for over twenty years, he served as communications director from 1993 to 1996.

Jennifer Raiser, Treasurer

Jennifer serves on the Board of Directors and the Senior Executive Committee. In this capacity, she makes sure the nonprofit Burning Man Project secures the funding it needs, and also ensures that those funds are utilized for maximum impact. She is responsible for fundraising initiatives with individuals, foundations, events, merchandising, and new initiatives.

Jennifer has led numerous nonprofit boards, including the Peninsula and Silicon Valley Community Foundations. For seventeen years, she managed luxury retirement communities as the founder of Raiser Senior Services. She has also held positions with Procter and Gamble, BBDO/Omnicom Advertising, and Harbridge House consulting. Her writing is widely published in the Huffington Post, SF Chronicle and online at

Bear Kittay, Social Alchemist

Bear Kittay serves as Social Alchemist & Global Ambassador and focuses on Global Expansion, Millennial Engagement and Strategic Development for Burning Man. He’s represented the organization on 6 continents and given talks at a wide range of events. He’s also a pioneering musician, and entrepreneur having Co-Founded Organizer.comMusic for Democracy and currently advises a portfolio of technology and social innovation projects.

Jenn Sander, Global Initiatives

Jenn is an innovation, communications, and engagement strategist with a passion for uniting international communities around arts, technological innovation and physical space.  For Burning Man Project, she focuses on connecting our global networks and developing demonstration projects.

In addition to her work with Burning Man Project, she advocates for city initiatives in urban prototyping, civic engagement and trend forecasting with Re:imagine Group. She was a publicist and worked in business development in London for seven years, co-owned a communications consultancy group, RedRobin, and helped facilitate the go-to-market strategy  for Vimeo, TEDxLondon and the arts and technology collective

Lara Hopwood, Program Associate

Lara provides program and administrative support to the Burning Man Project staff and Board of Directors. Lara has over 10 years of experience managing office environments and supporting executives. She has worked as an executive assistant and board liaison and enjoys creating and refining systems for streamlined productivity.