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A Fond Farewell to our Volunteer Coordinator, Rebecca Zito

rebecca & MB

We are deeply grateful for Rebecca Zito’s leadership over the last year as our Volunteer Coordinator.  Rebecca is brilliantly creative, resourceful, savvy and pure joy to be around.  One of the highlights of 2013 was the Valentine’s event she planned at Glide here in San Francisco.  They describe themselves as a “radically inclusive, just and loving community mobilized to alleviate suffering and break the cycles or poverty and marginalization.”

Through a worldwide coordination of crafting events, Rebecca worked with volunteers to create 750 valentines.  These were hand delivered by San Francisco Project volunteers while we served meals at Glide on Valentines day.  A beautiful chain of events on so many levels.  And to think that valentines were crafted as far away as Turkey.

Rebecca leaves us as she dives deeper into her career in urban economic development and community relations.  She started volunteering for the Project in 2012 and will continue to add her joy and perspective through the legacy of work here and the life she leads as an example of a deeply engaged citizen of the world.  Thank you Rebecca!

Burning Man Network Hosting European Leadership Summit in Berlin

BMNetworklogoThe Burning Man Global Network will host its first overseas conference – The European Leadership Summit – in Berlin, February 7-9, 2014. Participants will address the global growth of our culture, the 10 Principles, interactive art and transformative experiences.

This gathering is an opportunity for our international leaders to share ideas, skills, and to work together towards a shared vision for the future.

Burning Man community organizers and thought leaders have registered from 16 countries and counting! Austria, Holland, Spain, Belgium, England, Czech, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, Poland, Sweden, and Latvia, and the USA will be represented. Burning Man staff and the local Burner community in Berlin will help to provide a platform for these leaders to convene and collaborate.

In April, we’ll host our 8th Annual Global Leadership Conference (GLC) in the Bay Area. An extension of our GLC and the next logical step in our network’s progression, the European Leadership Summit is undoubtedly the first of many satellite conferences we’ll host to bring together Burning Man community thought leaders from across the world.

Larry Harvey to speak in London at Southbank Centre in January

bing a manBurning Man Founder Larry Harvey will join Billy Bragg, Michael Kaufman of the White Ribbon Campaign, Tim Samuels of BBC Men’s Hour, and several others to discuss what it means to be a man today as part of the BAM Being a Man conference in London in January.

The seminar, sponsored by Southbank Center, will examine fatherhood, sex and sexuality, war, class, race, ageing, nature versus nurture, attitudes to women and feminism, and why men like gaming, sheds, drink, football and cars (or do they?).

Over three days, organizers will ask how you can celebrate all aspects of being a man without the hang-ups, and explore the best and worst things about masculinity – both the challenges and the opportunities.
For more information, visit the BAM website.

Burning Man Project co-sponsors New York City Symposium on Burning Man, Technology, Religion and the Future

NYCsymposiumBurning Man Project joined Columbia University’s Department of Religion and Institute for Religion, Culture and Public Life in November to present a free forum on Burning Man, technology, religion and the future.

The panel featured Larry Harvey (founder of Burning Man), John Perry Barlow (founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation) and Peter Hirshberg (disruptive cultures and technology expert). Dr. David Kittay of Columbia’s Department of Religion moderated a lively conversation about Burning Man as a philosophical movement, its history, and its predicted global applications.

More than 300 turned out for the two hour-long discussion and Q&A session. We’ll release a video on the symposium after the first of the year.
We’re looking to offer traveling symposia like this in more cities around the world as part of the Project’s education programming. They’re an idea way to share the wisdom of Burner values with the academic community and beyond.


bmp scarf da smallerjpegThe mission of the nonprofit Burning Man Project is to bring the values and learning from Black Rock City to the place it is most needed: our everyday lives. We envision a world in which self-expression is the norm, where gifting is a daily practice, and participation is enthusiastic and frequent. And that’s why we are asking for your contribution to help Burning Man’s expansion from the playa to the planet.

More and more academic institutions, nonprofits, businesses and municipalities are looking to learn from the Burning Man experience. They’re eager to discover how we build community and sustainability, and to learn why this powerful movement has such life-changing impact. And we are eager to share it with them. To that end, we are busy developing an online learning portal, lectures, philosophical discussions, and demonstration projects to give everybody access to Burning Man ideas, values, and resources — worldwide and year-round.

While a portion of Burning Man’s ticket sales help sustain Burning Man Project’s efforts, realizing its full potential will require resources well beyond that. So we are asking for a contribution of ANY SIZE to help us share the Burner ethos. If you’ve always thought the world should be more like Black Rock City, then this is your chance … if you can make a donation, we can make a difference.

All donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. If you are able to donate $150 or more, we are offering a choice of two Burnerific gifts: the beautiful 2014 Burning Man wall calendar, or a cozy charcoal grey jersey scarf hand-screened with the Burning Man Project logo. We can also accept recurring donations. To donate and choose your gift, please click HERE.